#Blogmas: Day 4

Today makes Day 4 on our road to 25 days of Blogmas. This has been an experience so far and it’s so early in our journey. Thank you for being along for the ride. Today I will be speaking on Christmas parades. This year has changed a lot of people. It has separated and brought families and friends together in these hard times. Even with all that being said, my local community still found time to come together and broadcast a virtual Christmas parade to show us that we are all in this together. We should take a moment and reflect on all the good holiday memories we made with those we love.

Story Time

It’s funny how we don’t realize how much we miss something, until we can’t have it anymore. That’s me this year with Christmas parades. I’ve been to a few in my life and had a good time, but nothing compares to getting a flat no. “Shoot, at least give me a chance to say I didn’t want to go to it.” When I was younger, I remember walking to a parade with my mom down the road. We walked about 3 miles and got there with tons of daylight to spare. Getting there early wasn’t the issue, the clothes I wore was. The small jacket didn’t warm me enough for the 30 degree weather. By the time the parade started, I realized it was empty, so getting there early was unnecessary. I still enjoyed the live music playing as they marched past, even with all the shivering. Now fast forward to today, I witnessed the local Christmas parade on TV. While it wasn’t much of a marching parade, it still showed me that we are in this together. This time next year, I want to be a part of my local Christmas parade.

Reflecting on the past has shown me how easy it is, to take the little things for granted. If you are blessed enough to still have them in your life, make sure you are talking with someone you love. Remember every one is going through something and a simple conversation could help make their day.

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