#Blogmas: Day 7

Is Jingle Bell Rock the only Christmas song you know all the words to? What about Joy to the World? On today’s post we listen to my favorite popular Christmas songs that you could learn the words to.

Mariah Carey – All I want For Christmas Is You

How could anyone think of Christmas music and not name Mariah Carey? Her popular song on YouTube has over 600 million views. The video gives me major nostalgic vibes, definitely a MUST listen every December.

Chris Brown – This Christmas

Second on this list and with the second most views, is a song from Chris Brown. This song gave me church choir vibes. Combine that with Chris’ voice and you have one of the greatest Christmas songs ever. 60 million other people agree with me.

Plus I miss watching people dancing in the street in their music videos.

Temptations – Silent Night

Another video from earlier this century comes from the Temptations another MUST listen for every December. With slightly less views on YouTube sitting at 1.5 million views, the Temptations’ rendition of Silent Night has to be played at least once a year.

Were these songs already on your list of MUST listen Christmas songs every year? I want to know your favorite Christmas songs to listen to every year? Comment below.

Published by Katrellis Lawson Sr.

An Artist/Jack of all Trades, master of none with the willingness to learn more.

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