#Blogmas: Day 10

Hello and welcome back to another day of Blogmas. The other night, me and my family played a Christmas game called Mad Libs. I felt as if we got closer as a result. Here are a few other games that could give similar results for yours.

3 Fun Games to Bring Your Family Closer

1. Mad Libs

On the surface this game seems like a snore fest but wait until its time to read what was written. This was the game I mentioned that I played the other night. I put random words not fully in it, when my wife read it back to my I was on the floor holding my stomach laughing at how funny it was.

When her turn finished and I read her pages, you could tell she was on the edge of her seat waiting for me to read a certain part. The object of the game is simple, substitute words with funnier ones. If you haven’t played it before you should give it a try this year.

2. Jenga

This game can put you at the edge of your seat real fast.

Have you ever had 7 layers built with the whole tower standing on one block when just … onefalse…. move… could bring the whole tower crashing down?

This game gets intense. A good chance to see how your family members react under pressure.

3. Family Feud

I used to love playing this with my family at home when I was younger. We would have won if we went on the TV show. You could also use this time to know how much your family members think they “know”. This is my personal favorite on this list.

This year you may have forgotten who is in your home, play games to know each other again. If you decide to try these games make sure to:

  • Take tons of pictures
  • Include all members of the house
  • Make sure everyone knows all the rules to the games before you start
  • Play games together that don’t require an internet connection
  • Last but not least, remember, “When you play together, you clean together”

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An Artist/Jack of all Trades, master of none with the willingness to learn more.

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