#Blogmas: Day 13

Hello and welcome to another day on our journey to 25 Days of Blogmas. Last night we had family time. As a quick disclaimer the hot chocolate on the cover is the one my wife made.

Photo by Ena Marinkovic on Pexels.com

Yesterday was an amazing day for me and my family. Earlier in the month we made a schedule of activities to do throughout December to shake things up. On the calendar for the 12th was drinking hot cocoa and taking family pictures. What ended up happening was bonding time and life long memories made.

At the start of the day, we loaded up the car with camera in hand and headed to take our family pictures. My son, who is 2 years old, is the most photogenic kid I have ever seen. He posed in ways I thought only famous models knew, I was so proud of him. After about an hour of taking pictures, we headed home to relax and spend more family time together.

Once we made it back home, we changed into our matching snowman outfits and headed to the kitchen and turned on the oven. There, we baked cookies, made hot cocoa and popped popcorn. Baking cookies with my son gave us another bonding moment and a learning moment for me. Though the cookies didn’t come out perfectly, it didn’t stop us from enjoying our night. It is easy to focus on what’s going wrong instead of the right.

Last night was my first time in a while making hot cocoa and me messing it made me so embarrassed. The picture above was the second cup I made. I was embarrassed because I see making hot cocoa as a simple human task. My wife had to point out to me I was more focused on the issues instead the moment we were creating. So I remade it and added marshmallows and headed to our room. We watched 2 Christmas movies; The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The day overall was an awesome memory that will live on for many years to come.

Published by Katrellis Lawson Sr.

An Artist/Jack of all Trades, master of none with the willingness to learn more.

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