#Blogmas: Day 14 – Gingerbread House

Today, my family made our yearly gingerbread house. Not sure if you have tried to build one yet, but each time you do, it’s a new experience. On paper, it sounds as easy as rolling out of bed. That is, until you take everything out of the box and start reading the instructions.

As I said before, building a gingerbread house is a new and fun experience that everyone should try at least once. But because this wasn’t our first time making one, we didn’t expect too much of a challenge. The box said it’s level two, so what could possibly go wrong. Right?

The instructions were pretty simple and plastered on the back of the box. At this point, we knew it would be built in 20, 30 minutes tops. We opened the box, dumped all the ingredients on the table and made sure we had everything we needed. Check! Check! and Check!!

When I snipped the icing open, the cap flew off hitting my son right under his eye. This was when the construction took a swift turn. Do you see the back of the house on the picture above? The one with the icing smeared along the sides? Yeah, that’s my side, and was done after multiple attempts. The icing did not agree with me AT ALL during this whole event.

The picture above is the house standing once all 4 walls were holding each other up… 30 minutes later. This house was held together with more love than icing. By this time, I was so aggravated from the icing, that everything began to irritate me. My son was trying his hardest to be helpful, but a 2-year old hyper on Twizzlers and icing was more of a hazard than help. The Gingerbread house this year was harder than the ones before, but it was still a fun overall experience.

Building gingerbread houses remind me of writing poetry. There are rules to follow but no rules at the same time. The more creative you are the better the house will come together.

A Little Friendly Competition

The next pictures are the sides that me and my wife decorated. Which side do you like? Side 1 or Side 2?

Side 1Side 2

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