#Blogmas: Day 16

Every year since I can remember, I’ve driven locally looking at Christmas lights. I feel incomplete when I don’t get the chance to. This year my family looks to keep that tradition alive for now and all our children to come.

Tis The Season To Sparkle

No matter what phase in life I’m in, Christmas lights always fill my body with joy. When I was younger, my parents would drive around town to find the best neighborhoods with lights. What most people see are thousand lights covering a front lawn and focus on how the lights decorate the homes. For me, every yard was a new experience. Most times, I would imagine myself waking up the next morning to my huge front yard filled with decorations and waved as people drove past. It would take a flash from a camera or turning on the next street to snap me out of my illusion.

Now that I’m older, instead of a living in a moment of happiness, I see myself planning for hours upon hours on where the lights would go and taking days to put them up. The daydreams last closer to a few seconds compared to an hour when I was a kid.

When I get my first house, I plan on going all out with Christmas light decorations. I want my house to be known as, “That House With The Best Christmas Lights” for my road. If that starts a lighting war on my street then so be it. My neighbors better be ready to empty those pockets with how hard my family will be decorating. Until then, I will be decorating my balcony for all the kids to see. We gave up on having the idea of having the best balcony in the neighborhood. When we first saw how far this older lady decorated for Halloween, we knew we wouldn’t have a chance when it comes Christmas lights.

Are you like me and like to drive around and look at Christmas lights? If so, let me know. I want to hear about it.

Please comment it below.

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