#Blogmas: Day 17

Good day to all. Today’s subject is something I found out about this year. It could help another parent out there somewhere. It is the Advent Calendar.

My First Advent Calendar

The concept is quite simple, grab the “present” for that day’s date and open it. My son loves to rip open the “gift” to see what new book he will get to read. The one above is the calendar we got from Walmart. It was about $10 and contains 24 short Disney books for children. We ended up buying our calendar on the 5th of December so we missed a few days but my son loves it just the same.

My favorite book to read for my son so far this month, has been Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Not just because it’s a classic story about not being a scrooge. Because this Advent Calendar is Disney owned, if you have Disney Plus, the characters from the book will have movies. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is the only one I noticed that has the exact same story in the book as the movie.

The book for this morning was ‘A Gift For Wall-E’. I love how much my son looks forward to the new books. My wife and I wake up early and leave a book on our table for him to find every morning. Like I said before, we bought the book on the 5th and by today, the 17th, he expects to wake up to a new book to read. It makes me such a proud parent.

If you are looking for something to look forward to each morning I suggest trying an Advent calendar if you haven’t so far. It provides a great way to bond with your children and help them with their reading skills.

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