#Blogmas: Day 18

Another tradition I miss from my childhood is watching Christmas sports games during our yearly family dinner. For many years, my grandparents hosted Christmas dinner at their house. It was a pretty big deal bringing out my cousins, aunts and uncles I only saw once a year. All our family members would greet each other at the door, waiting for their favorite cousin to arrive.

It was like a ritual, when whatever game came on, all the men in the house would flock to the front room to watch it. The TV couldn’t have been any bigger than 32″ but they watched it like it was a 55″. My favorite Christmas basketball game was when The Heat played the Lakers in 2010.

The Christmas uniforms are always a reason to watch the game but the 2-time defending champs going against the newly built “Big 3” was a good game to watch with family. I was 15 at the time and not as big a basketball fan as I am now, so I didn’t realize the severity of the situation until halftime. The men were discussing who was the best basketball player at the time. At the time, Lebron didn’t have a ring so Kobe easily won that conversation.

If you are a basketball fan and haven’t heard already, the NBA season starts on the 22nd of December, with a lot of games on Christmas. Below are the games for Christmas Day.

Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans
Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics *
Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets *
Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers
Milwaukee Bucks vs Golden State Warriors *

* Games to Watch

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