Object Writing Page 13 – Cereal

“Snap, crackle, pop!”, the sounds my cereal makes as milk floods my gray glass bowl. The smell of oats fills my nose with it’s pleasing odor. My bowl is now a field of exploding white fireworks celebrating their escape from it’s box. My first spoonful sends my taste buds on a bursting journey; The tiny explosions remind me of the fourth of July while the oat taste reminds me how healthy it is until these small sweet crystals creep in, catching me off-guard. I look down on my full bowl, my cereal asks for mercy from it’s endless cycle of being dry, meeting milk and blowing up. I offer my spoon as assistance and within 5 minutes the war is now over. I stand victorious, dropping my spoon into the bowl causing a tingling sound. “Snap, crackle, pop!!”, I pour more milk into my glass bowl restarting the war of breakfast.

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Published by Katrellis Lawson Sr.

An Artist/Jack of all Trades, master of none with the willingness to learn more.

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