Object Writing Page 21 – My Wife

A little over three fall seasons ago, I was blessed to meet one of the most genuine women that God put his paintbrush on. That lady, my now wife, gave me butterflies in my stomach the first day we met. When I first saw her, it seem as if time…. moved…. slower…. minutes… became seconds…. The sun shined bright on this afternoon.. but her smile… her smile somehow blinded me. She snapped me from my trance when she told me her name. She was slightly shorter than me but stood out in a huge crowd. Her voice reminded me of a celebrity/angel which caused my shoulders to melt deep into my body. My favorite part of her has not changed even three years later, her eyes. She speaks louder with those two than with words from her mouth. I love how she looks beautiful without laying a finger on a man-made makeup brush. I was blessed to meet her, let alone be able to call her my wife. My body fills with joy writing this…

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Published by Katrellis Lawson Sr.

An Artist/Jack of all Trades, master of none with the willingness to learn more.

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