We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 6

Good Morning and welcome back to my series, “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition]”. We are currently at weeks 35 pregnant. Before I get too far into it, I want to apologize for not posting this on time. It comes down to poor time management and other things calling for my attention. Y’all it’s getting really real!!! Thank you for your patience and joining me for another weekly update, Let’s Get Into It!!!

New Update

First I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining me on this journey of bringing something beautiful into this world. Secondly, if I say something that you don’t agree with or you have suggestions on anything that I discuss, please leave a comment below.

This week (according to BabyCenter) Kaysen is the size of a honeydew melon weighing 5 1/4 pounds. He is getting so big at this point, that when he moves you can see Tam’s belly moving from across the room. Recently my excitement has been bouncing between happiness and nervousness. This may not be my first rodeo but it’s the fear of the unknown that’s getting me. We are closing in on a month left and have everything big that we need. We have taken steps to be as prepared as possible but are we truly ready? Is anyone ever?

KJ has been interacting with Kaysen more recently. I want that to continue once Kaysen is born as well. When I read to them, KJ loves to say that he is the older brother and that he loves him before he kisses Tam’s belly. When I get home from work or enter a room Tam was in alone, he begins to move when he hears my voice. I know he will know my voice when he is born and that fills me with joy and excitement.

Do you have any suggestions for the series? Was there anything that you liked from this post let me hear it. Comment Below..

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