We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 9


Monday Tam had her weekly appointment with her OB/GYN. They told her that her cervix was still closed. That news left us kinda sad because she had been experiencing labor type pains and we thought that meant we were closer to holding Kaysen in our arms.

In Laws

Roughly a month ago, we asked our parents if they could come to town to watch KJ while we put our focuses on Kaysen, both of our mothers agreed. This weekend, my mother will be arriving and staying for 2 weeks. After she leaves, Tam’s mom will be here for the following two weeks. I will be leaning on them heavily and hope they still have their motherly instincts.

Baby Mama Dance

Doing the baby mama dance is no secret. Tam told me it induces labor and with every video she watched, they had their baby within a few days of doing the dance.I’m ready to meet Kaysen so I want her to do the dance. If you agree with me, let me know by answering the poll below.

My Feelings

Since I began writing more often, I’ve noticed I’m more in tone with my feelings, identifying them and showing them. I may not be perfect but you can tell the difference. Last night when I got home from work, I spoke with Kaysen and told him that I was ready to meet and hold him. I pictured myself holding him for the first time with tears of happiness running down my face. He moved around after I said that and I assumed he felt the same way. I’m excited to be a father to another son if you can’t tell it yet.

Thank you again for joining me for this week’s update. Come back next Wednesday if Kaysen doesn’t come first.

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