A Father’s Blog Week 3 – Museum Visit

Hello everyone and welcome to another post of “A Father’s Blog”. Today I will be talking about our recent trip to the museum with the kids. Let’s get right into it.


A couple of weeks ago, my wife suggested we go on a field trip with the boys. There were tons of options but the one we chose was 30 minutes away in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was split into multiple areas and we decided on three, the museum, gem mining and the Planetarium.

The first we visited was the museum. It wasn’t the biggest I’ve been to but still packed with all the information you would expect. First exhibit we came to was the dinosaurs. KJ doesn’t know much about dinosaurs so it was mainly me reading the names and the descriptions out loud to him. When we left there, we headed to see the animals of today. This area was split up in regions of where animals normally live like the Mid-West, swampy areas and even underwater.

KJ was mildly interested in these areas until we came across live animals which just so happened to be the snakes. I was enjoying the day seeing the exhibits until it came to those snakes. It caught me off guard at first because I thought every animal in the museum was stuffed. When I hit that corner and saw that first snake slithering back and forth, I was so shook I froze. But I played it cool by saying I was mesmerized by the exhibits so far. I had a blast but was looking forward to the next area for the whole week before arriving, Gem Mining.

Gem Mining

I was so excited to learn about mining gems, I happily paid the $3 entry fee. I was so excited to learn, I had a tiny notebook in my pocket ready to take notes. We went inside to buy our tickets then had to walk down a path for five minutes or so to where the event was. It was in a small white shack sitting next to a barren river.

I was so excited to participate that I practically bounced the whole walk there. We walked into the shack and showed our tickets. After verifying us, the guy turns around and grabs 3 baskets full of dirt and hands them to us. He points over to a small stream and tells us to wash off the dirt to uncover the beautiful gems lying underneath.

My heart dropped and I stood there for a minute……
I couldn’t let KJ notice how I felt so I shot over and grabbed the best seats for us to sit to “mine our gems”. I liked the fact we were able to keep the rocks to remember our days events but wish there was a learning portion. At this point in the day I was ready to go home but there was one more event….. The Planetarium.


The Planetarium is hands down KJ’s favorite thing to do in the world. This trip was the second time he visited but it’s like someone’s birthday; he talks about it leading up to going and after it’s done, he talk about it until the next time we go.

When I say KJ knows more about space than I do, I’m not exaggerating. It kinda makes me feel old. Today he’s talking about planets, tomorrow he could be teaching me how to use my cell phone.

Though KJ loves seeing the planets and stars surrounding him, when the lights turn out he is never ready. I love taking him and would everyday if there were more options available. I love how interactive he is when they ask the audience questions and finding the different constellations above us.

Overall this was an awesome trip, packed with learning and a fun time out the house. I recommend it to any parent living or visiting the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

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