Song Background: Two Step

Hello again and thank you for checking out another Song Background. This week’s song is Two Step, my latest song uploaded online. The song length is 2:09 and has the V/C/V/C song structure. As far as vibe goes, this is my favorite song hands down. I’m finding it hard to put this one down. FromContinue reading “Song Background: Two Step”

A Father’s Blog Week 3 – Museum Visit

Hello everyone and welcome to another post of “A Father’s Blog”. Today I will be talking about our recent trip to the museum with the kids. Let’s get right into it. Museum A couple of weeks ago, my wife suggested we go on a field trip with the boys. There were tons of options butContinue reading “A Father’s Blog Week 3 – Museum Visit”

Song Background: Nod Ya Head

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Song Background post. Today’s song will be my latest release called “Nod Ya Head”. The song run time is 2:22, has two verses and a super simple chorus. I wasn’t focused on the hook though it is the most important part to any successful song. Right now I’mContinue reading “Song Background: Nod Ya Head”

A Father’s Blog – Introduction

Hello and welcome back to my blog page. This post will be the start of a new series called “A Father’s Blog”. This post will outline:– A quick introduction about the series– What To Expect– A link to where all of this content will be located Without further ado, let’s get to it. Introduction ThankContinue reading “A Father’s Blog – Introduction”

Song Background: Grown as Kids

This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve released so far. The beat sets the table for a smooth vibe and my cadence complimented it so well. When I made the beat, I no intention of writing to it. But a week or two later when the beat came up again, it was practicallyContinue reading “Song Background: Grown as Kids”

Object Writing Page 30- Dish Washing

The infamous chore of dish washing. It could take a couple of hours if done by a neat freak. Scraping every microscopic germ from every plate and caked up spoon. The task could take 30 minutes or less if done by someone calling “clean” each dish covered with white soapy suds. I have my daysContinue reading “Object Writing Page 30- Dish Washing”