Song Background: Grown as Kids

This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve released so far. The beat sets the table for a smooth vibe and my cadence complimented it so well. When I made the beat, I no intention of writing to it. But a week or two later when the beat came up again, it was practicallyContinue reading “Song Background: Grown as Kids”

Song Background: My Story

I’ve finally done it!!! I’ve found a way to tell my story creatively. And the crazy thing is once I hit the upload button, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Like every song I release, I look to improve on something from the previous one. With “My Story”, I was more focusedContinue reading “Song Background: My Story”

Object Writing Page 10 – CDs

When I was younger, around the time shoe tying was one of my hard tasks, I would randomly come across these silver reflective circles around my house. I had no idea what they were but that didn’t stop me from finding out. Tossing them as if a frisbee were it’s purpose, all it would doContinue reading “Object Writing Page 10 – CDs”

Object Writing Page 9 – Chores

I must have been 10 the first time I had a vacuum cleaner shoved into my face. “It’s your turn to vacuum.”, my younger sister said to me smiling ear to ear. The vacuum was huge and it’s power cord had chew marks all over it. When it powered down, a large cloud of smokeContinue reading “Object Writing Page 9 – Chores”