Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink

Kids today will have a completely different childhood than I had, and that’s mainly because of the decline in popularity of Skating Rinks. It was almost a requirement to be a kid. It was an adolescent club featuring kids high off candy and adrenaline, little-to-no lights, and ear ringing music. Admission to this club wasContinue reading “Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink”

We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Final Weekly Update

That’s right, he’s actually here!! The journey to Kaysen’s birth has come to a beautiful end. I’ve had a blast sharing my experiences with y’all and can’t wait to do another series for my next (and hopefully last) child. This series began at 30 weeks with Kaysen barely moving and kicking in Tam’s belly toContinue reading “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Final Weekly Update”

Object Writing Page 26 – The Bowling Alley

The older I get, the less interested I am in activities I used to enjoy when I was younger. At the same time, I’m starting to like things I didn’t know existed before. One of my favorite things to do right now is going to the bowling alley. The sound of clustering pins exploding canContinue reading “Object Writing Page 26 – The Bowling Alley”

We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 9

Welcome back to another week of “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition]”, the weekly update series leading to the birth of Kaysen. Today puts us at 38 weeks pregnant meaning there are only 2 weeks left, if he doesn’t decide to come earlier. We are still on BABY WATCH and it makes me nervous with every day!!Continue reading “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 9”

Appreciation Post

100 Followers!!! Hello everyone!!! This post is to thank those who have joined me and enjoy the content so far. Last week, I got my 100th follower and I was so excited about it, I wanted to show my appreciation with you guys. When I started my blog, my focus was to better my writingContinue reading “Appreciation Post”

We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 8

Welcome back to “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition]”, the weekly update series leading to the birth of my second son, Kaysen. Today makes 37 weeks pregnant, and ladies and gentlemen we are officially on BABY WATCH!! If this is your first update, thank you for joining this beautiful journey. Let’s get into it!!

We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 7

Welcome to “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition], the series where I give weekly updates leading to the birth of my second son, Kaysen. This week we are at 36 weeks pregnant, bringing us within a month of the birth. If this is your first update, welcome and thank you for joining me on this journey toContinue reading “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Week 7”