Object Writing Page 30- Dish Washing

The infamous chore of dish washing. It could take a couple of hours if done by a neat freak. Scraping every microscopic germ from every plate and caked up spoon. The task could take 30 minutes or less if done by someone calling “clean” each dish covered with white soapy suds. I have my daysContinue reading “Object Writing Page 30- Dish Washing”

Object Writing Page 29 – Snow Day

The first time I remember seeing snow I was when I was 11 years old. Growing up in the Mid-South, snow rarely came and when it did it didn’t stick. This morning was a few weeks before Christmas. I woke up to my younger siblings yelling through our house, about there being snow in ourContinue reading “Object Writing Page 29 – Snow Day”

Object Writing Page 28 – School

I honestly feel going to school is needed for every person in the world. It provides knowledge needed later in life, and gives opportunities for social interactions. Every school day, hallways are flooded with young minds headed to their individual classes and lockers reminding me of driving on a complicated highway system. When the bellContinue reading “Object Writing Page 28 – School”

Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink

Kids today will have a completely different childhood than I had, and that’s mainly because of the decline in popularity of Skating Rinks. It was almost a requirement to be a kid. It was an adolescent club featuring kids high off candy and adrenaline, little-to-no lights, and ear ringing music. Admission to this club wasContinue reading “Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink”

Object Writing Page 26 – The Bowling Alley

The older I get, the less interested I am in activities I used to enjoy when I was younger. At the same time, I’m starting to like things I didn’t know existed before. One of my favorite things to do right now is going to the bowling alley. The sound of clustering pins exploding canContinue reading “Object Writing Page 26 – The Bowling Alley”

Object Writing Page 25 – The Car

Ever since I was young, I spent a lot of time riding cars. Whether it was to pick up groceries or going to visit family, the mode of transportation was always the car. One of my favorite cars to ride in had to be my dad’s old red two door sports two-door sports car. ThisContinue reading “Object Writing Page 25 – The Car”

Object Writing Page 24 – Gym

My least favorite memory of going to a gym comes during my one semester in college, I was about a buck thirty at the time. A friend of mine from high school invited me to “get these gains”. I was tired of being skinny anyway so why not? The smell of sweat and desperation reachedContinue reading “Object Writing Page 24 – Gym”

Object Writing Page 23 – The Beach

I love road trips and vacations to places I haven’t been before. The feeling of packing and always leaving something is a constant for me no matter the destination. My favorite trip was at the end of July with my wife. This was both of our first experiences at any beach. No no one warnedContinue reading “Object Writing Page 23 – The Beach”

Object Writing Page 22 – Rollercoaster

I’m not much of the “thrill seeker” type but strangely enough I love to ride roller coasters. My first experience I remember is when I was 15. It was in the summertime so of course I wore shorts above my knees and a shirt that came over my elbows. And no, I was not tryingContinue reading “Object Writing Page 22 – Rollercoaster”

Object Writing Page 21 – My Wife

A little over three fall seasons ago, I was blessed to meet one of the most genuine women that God put his paintbrush on. That lady, my now wife, gave me butterflies in my stomach the first day we met. When I first saw her, it seem as if time…. moved…. slower…. minutes… became seconds….Continue reading “Object Writing Page 21 – My Wife”