Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink

Kids today will have a completely different childhood than I had, and that’s mainly because of the decline in popularity of Skating Rinks. It was almost a requirement to be a kid. It was an adolescent club featuring kids high off candy and adrenaline, little-to-no lights, and ear ringing music. Admission to this club wasContinue reading “Object Writing Page 27 – Skating Rink”

We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Final Weekly Update

That’s right, he’s actually here!! The journey to Kaysen’s birth has come to a beautiful end. I’ve had a blast sharing my experiences with y’all and can’t wait to do another series for my next (and hopefully last) child. This series began at 30 weeks with Kaysen barely moving and kicking in Tam’s belly toContinue reading “We Expectin’ [Father’s Edition] Final Weekly Update”

Object Writing Page 20 – Bicycle

During my childhood, I grew up in several houses. One of those houses was filled with more memories than any other one. This house was the only one with an upstairs, a garage and a neighborhood my dad was comfortable with us going outside at. This house was on Monessen, a four bedroom home withContinue reading “Object Writing Page 20 – Bicycle”

Object Writing Page 15 – Piano

The smell of baked apples fills the air as I light my half burnt incense. My hands hover over my 28-key piano searching for the perfect chord to show my current mood. My right hand fell, playing an E. Hmm, letting two more fingers fall, a sadder tone erupts from the piano speaker, an EContinue reading “Object Writing Page 15 – Piano”

Object Writing Page 14 – Paper Plane

Soaring through the air, the plane uses it’s two wings for support. That’s until a strong gust of wind tore it from the sky like a page from a notebook. After smashing to the ground, the plane is now a balled up piece of paper. Eager to make it fly again I walk over, unballedContinue reading “Object Writing Page 14 – Paper Plane”

Object Writing Page 12 – Morning Jog

Saturday mornings, gotta love em. When the neighbor’s dog two houses down becomes your unofficial alarm clock with his loud echoing barks. These heavenly light rays peek through my blinds waking me up. Me grabbing my phone is out of pure muscle memory at this point, “It’s 7:38, let’s get today started!!”. I say thisContinue reading “Object Writing Page 12 – Morning Jog”

Object Writing Page 10 – CDs

When I was younger, around the time shoe tying was one of my hard tasks, I would randomly come across these silver reflective circles around my house. I had no idea what they were but that didn’t stop me from finding out. Tossing them as if a frisbee were it’s purpose, all it would doContinue reading “Object Writing Page 10 – CDs”

Object Writing Page 9 – Chores

I must have been 10 the first time I had a vacuum cleaner shoved into my face. “It’s your turn to vacuum.”, my younger sister said to me smiling ear to ear. The vacuum was huge and it’s power cord had chew marks all over it. When it powered down, a large cloud of smokeContinue reading “Object Writing Page 9 – Chores”