#Blogmas: Day 25 – Christmas

Today is Christmas Day, it’s finally here. Day 25 of 25 on our journey to 25 Days of Blogmas. All the anticipation was worth it when my son woke up running up and down the halls in excitement because he knew he could open his gifts. Even I woke up singing my own version ofContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 25 – Christmas”

#Blogmas: Day 19

2020 has been a long year for all of us and with Christmas quickly approaching, we all need some form of rest. Take this weekend and next week to rest. Not just for sleeping, but let your mind calm through meditation and reflection of this year. We are now in full blown winter break, soContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 19”

#Blogmas: Day 18

Another tradition I miss from my childhood is watching Christmas sports games during our yearly family dinner. For many years, my grandparents hosted Christmas dinner at their house. It was a pretty big deal bringing out my cousins, aunts and uncles I only saw once a year. All our family members would greet each otherContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 18”

#Blogmas: Day 17

Good day to all. Today’s subject is something I found out about this year. It could help another parent out there somewhere. It is the Advent Calendar. My First Advent Calendar The concept is quite simple, grab the “present” for that day’s date and open it. My son loves to rip open the “gift” toContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 17”

#Blogmas: Day 16

Every year since I can remember, I’ve driven locally looking at Christmas lights. I feel incomplete when I don’t get the chance to. This year my family looks to keep that tradition alive for now and all our children to come. Tis The Season To Sparkle No matter what phase in life I’m in, ChristmasContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 16”