#Blogmas: Day 19

2020 has been a long year for all of us and with Christmas quickly approaching, we all need some form of rest. Take this weekend and next week to rest. Not just for sleeping, but let your mind calm through meditation and reflection of this year. We are now in full blown winter break, soContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 19”

#Blogmas: Day 17

Good day to all. Today’s subject is something I found out about this year. It could help another parent out there somewhere. It is the Advent Calendar. My First Advent Calendar The concept is quite simple, grab the “present” for that day’s date and open it. My son loves to rip open the “gift” toContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 17”

#Blogmas: Day 14 – Gingerbread House

Today, my family made our yearly gingerbread house. Not sure if you have tried to build one yet, but each time you do, it’s a new experience. On paper, it sounds as easy as rolling out of bed. That is, until you take everything out of the box and start reading the instructions. As IContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 14 – Gingerbread House”

#Blogmas: Day 10

Hello and welcome back to another day of Blogmas. The other night, me and my family played a Christmas game called Mad Libs. I felt as if we got closer as a result. Here are a few other games that could give similar results for yours. 3 Fun Games to Bring Your Family Closer 1.Continue reading “#Blogmas: Day 10”

#Blogmas: Day 9

Hello again. Today’s blog post will be of a poem I wrote today for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it. Christmas Poem Christmas experiences,yeah I have plenty.But for you to get it,I must start at the beginning.A snowy day,one when the snow stuck.The first time I grabbed it,balling it up.We had a snowball fight that day,withContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 9”

#Blogmas: Day 8

Time for some Christmas Trivia. Do you think that you know everything there is to know about Christmas? Let’s test your knowledge and give you a Christmas avatar. Answer the 10 question below by yourself with no outside help. For each correct answer, give yourself 5 points. Your ranking and the answers will be atContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 8”