Object Writing Page 19 – Diaper Genie

Parenthood is one of those groups that once you’re in it, it’s for life. And no matter how many books you read and conversations with other parents (even your own); you can never be fully prepared for it until the time comes. From the 4 a.m. wake up calls because of hunger to the firstContinue reading “Object Writing Page 19 – Diaper Genie”

Object Writing Page 17 – Valentine’s Day

Making my significant other smile used to be my past time on Valentine’s Days. Their smile twinkling as the over used chocolate heart gag was brought out. The minor eye twitch would follow along with the same empty thank you. This year I had to be different. Not surprise her with a big dinner andContinue reading “Object Writing Page 17 – Valentine’s Day”

Object Writing Page 16 – Bed

My bed, littered with scattered comforters and blankets is my refuge after a long day. My squeaky clean body smelling of men’s deodorant replaces the smell of new laundry in my covers. My favorite part of my bed is always my pillows, there to support my heavy head and can be a weapon when someoneContinue reading “Object Writing Page 16 – Bed”

Object Writing Page 15 – Piano

The smell of baked apples fills the air as I light my half burnt incense. My hands hover over my 28-key piano searching for the perfect chord to show my current mood. My right hand fell, playing an E. Hmm, letting two more fingers fall, a sadder tone erupts from the piano speaker, an EContinue reading “Object Writing Page 15 – Piano”