Song Background: Two Step

Hello again and thank you for checking out another Song Background. This week’s song is Two Step, my latest song uploaded online. The song length is 2:09 and has the V/C/V/C song structure. As far as vibe goes, this is my favorite song hands down. I’m finding it hard to put this one down. FromContinue reading “Song Background: Two Step”

Song Background: Nod Ya Head

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Song Background post. Today’s song will be my latest release called “Nod Ya Head”. The song run time is 2:22, has two verses and a super simple chorus. I wasn’t focused on the hook though it is the most important part to any successful song. Right now I’mContinue reading “Song Background: Nod Ya Head”

Song Background: Grown as Kids

This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve released so far. The beat sets the table for a smooth vibe and my cadence complimented it so well. When I made the beat, I no intention of writing to it. But a week or two later when the beat came up again, it was practicallyContinue reading “Song Background: Grown as Kids”

Song Background: My Story

I’ve finally done it!!! I’ve found a way to tell my story creatively. And the crazy thing is once I hit the upload button, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Like every song I release, I look to improve on something from the previous one. With “My Story”, I was more focusedContinue reading “Song Background: My Story”

Song Background: A Way

Ahead of my latest release, “My Story”, I wanted to talk about the behind the scenes of making, “A Way”. This song was among the first I made using a loop sample and rapped words over. The run time is 2:31, which is shorter than most songs. This was a creative choice I had goingContinue reading “Song Background: A Way”

Song Background: Where’s The Love?

A little backstory about this song. In June of last year I made the beat and uploaded it to my YouTube page feeling it would get a lot of attention. It got more views than most of my other beats I uploaded but I didn’t consider writing to it at the time. Throughout last yearContinue reading “Song Background: Where’s The Love?”

Object Writing Page 15 – Piano

The smell of baked apples fills the air as I light my half burnt incense. My hands hover over my 28-key piano searching for the perfect chord to show my current mood. My right hand fell, playing an E. Hmm, letting two more fingers fall, a sadder tone erupts from the piano speaker, an EContinue reading “Object Writing Page 15 – Piano”

Object Writing Page 8 – Candy

Today, I felt like a superstar and had talent quite like a young Michael Jordan when I was spitting my freestyles. It is all started coming full circle for me. Right when I’m in a flow I hear squeaky sound in the background. “What was that?”, I say as I raise an eager eyebrow andContinue reading “Object Writing Page 8 – Candy”

#Blogmas: Day 7

Is Jingle Bell Rock the only Christmas song you know all the words to? What about Joy to the World? On today’s post we listen to my favorite popular Christmas songs that you could learn the words to. Mariah Carey – All I want For Christmas Is You How could anyone think of Christmas musicContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 7”