Happy Valentine’s Day

Last night I decided to write a poem for everyone on this Valentine’s Day. If no one has told you today yet, I love you. This one for the marriages,this one for them couples.This one for that lone wolf,who now seeking a cuddle.On this special day,that’s all covered in pink,you get to say,just what youContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

#Blogmas: Day 9

Hello again. Today’s blog post will be of a poem I wrote today for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it. Christmas Poem Christmas experiences,yeah I have plenty.But for you to get it,I must start at the beginning.A snowy day,one when the snow stuck.The first time I grabbed it,balling it up.We had a snowball fight that day,withContinue reading “#Blogmas: Day 9”

I’m A Poet and Know It

The dark clouds above have shaded me for years.The rain coming down, reminds me of my tears.Steering from my lane has brought me to a crossroad,I choose the right its cloudy, filled with high hope.The sight the mirror bares, scares me to a tee.I look and often wonder, “Is this dude even me?”Regardless if heContinue reading “I’m A Poet and Know It”